Wednesday, June 26, 2013


He deserves paradise who makes his friends laugh. ~anon.

Coming upon an infestation of tiny ants on our kitchen counter, I consulted the Internet experts. I learned that I should first determine if they were “sweet ants” or “grease ants” by putting out a swab of jelly in one spot and peanut butter in another to see which one attracted them.

This was after everyone else had gone to bed; I knew that our guests, my sister Betty and bro-in-law Jeff, were rising early for their departure the next day, so I put an explanatory note by the two unsightly blobs: “Ant test spots.”

Coming into the kitchen, I did a slight double-take to see that the jelly spot had been smeared a bit, and another note next to mine:

“Thank you for the teaspoon of jelly; our ant village was on the verge of dying out, and this will keep us going for many more months.”

The Ant Community

“P.S.  Thanks also for the peanut butter, but it doesn’t appeal to us, so we’ve taken the liberty of inviting our cousins, the Greasy Ants.”

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